Suraj Foundation




We follow a mixed age classroom where children are not separated based on their ages. Children work in an environment pursuing their activities of interest, exploring and learning to the best of their abilities. This mixed age environment also helps significantly in improving the social bonding between children and brings encourages the elder children to be caring and supportive. The younger children learn faster looking at the elder ones.

Our classrooms are designed as per the theme.


  • Development through work by hands
  • Teachers are facilitators
  • Self-Learning Environment
  • Each child at his own pace
  • Mixed age grouping
  • Self correction
  • Freedom of choice
  • Independence
  • Inner discipline
  • Daily observations and assessment
  • Socially vibrant environment
  • Encouraging the child’s inherent desire to do and learn

We at ‘Abhyaas’ believe there is nothing more precious than being a part of child’s journey of growth and discovery