Suraj Foundation



School Library

The school has made meticulous effort for providing a rich library with books on a variety of subjects for the extensive use of both teachers and students. Cultivation of habit of reading books and magazines besides the one in the prescribed course is always beneficial in enhancing the student’s outlook and growth of personality. The school time- table, the instructional methods and the assessment pattern definitely encourage the use of library services among the students. Subscribed for with encouraging number of story books in English and Hindi the library also stocks a good collection of reference books for teachers. World book series and Encyclopedia along with reference books for students.

Library Rules

  • For students of Std. I to XII library books are available in the allotted period. through the librarian and concerned teachers.
  • Damage to a book or loss of the book is to be made good by the offender.
  • If any student, fails to return the book to the library even by the end of the session, his/her result for the Annual Examination will be with held unless and until the book had been returned or the fine paid.
  • Books shall be issued for one week and it can be re-issued only once.
  • After the due date Rs.1/- shall be charged as fine per day.