Suraj Foundation



Aim of the School

Gurukul aims at preparing children who are physically fit , mentally alert emotionally balanced and intellectually vibrant. A Gurukul system of education helps to foster the talents, potentials and capacities of the child with inculcation of values. We have adopted a House system. A house consists of group of children effectively led by responsible teacher ( House Master) who acts as a parent, guide, philosopher and friend for every member f the house. A House inherently provides a family atmosphere in making child physically fit, emotionally balanced and morally upright.

At Nav Krishna Valley Gurukul we develop child’s personality and integrity by helping socialization of them to integrate themselves well into corporate life by inculcating the sense of responsibility and to play different kinds of roles as a members of a group, community or society with respect for seniors, elders, teachers and a caring attitude towards juniors and fraternity towards all.