What We Do

Suraj Foundation is working in education & launched a prep school program to start 50 schools in villages to put children on sound foundation for learning & inculcating a desire to pursue future education & have already started such schools in Baner (Pune), Uttur (Kolhapur), Kupwad (Sangli), Vijaynagar (Sangli), Kalanagar (Sangli). Each school operating at Rs.10-12 lakhs apart from the operation cost of Rs. 3.00 lacs a year.The project needs around 600 lakhs & around 1500 children will get pre-primary education in the proposed schools.

Skilling program for underprivileged to deliver skill inputs for employment enhancement & possibly for development of entrepreneurs. This program is residential & runs for 8 weeks. The cost estimates Rs.580 per head, per day. We are running this type of program for Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise, GOI, Science & Research Dept GOI & Ministry of Food processing Industry. After the training, handholding is provided to the candidates to either get an employment or start a small business of his own.

Knowledge on Wheels is a unique program with mobile computer laboratory moving around the nearby villages & going to ZP Schools teaching computer, English speaking & simple maths. We are already running this program in 7 near by schools & around 834 students are getting benefitted by this. Books are needed to be printed. We want to expand this program & each such bus costs Rs.35 lacs for each bus & Rs. 8.5 lacs as operating cost.

We teach around 2000 students in our institute of which 20% are provided freeships, amount being sponsored, donated and reimbursement by fellow industries, philanthropic citizens, donors etc. The scholarships are awarded as merit cum means basis. Applications are invited in the beginning of year & a committee is constituted with Principal of the institute, class teacher & parents representative. The progress of the student is notified regularly to the donor with the due information to the recipient family regarding the donor.

Sports as essential part in the education process is the ethos here to keep the students fit & fine. We are extended arm of SAI (Sports Authority of India) and operate SAI Extension center in our campus. Selection of budding sports talent is being done by competent authority here from in and around Sangli Dist. and put them on rigorous training to excel in the selected sport talent.

Care program for students is our ambitious step to cover every student enrolled in our institute with a insurance of Rs.75000 towards medical care against accident with a PA cover of Rs.1.00 lac to the family in the event of his/her death. Equally the parent is covered for Rs.2.00 lac PA cover to the student to pursue his education.