ConceptSuraj Foundation is a Non government organization and many activities are implemented under the organization. One of them is the newly launched Saheli project. Under this Saheli project, women are facing difficult times trained to be self-reliant in. Suraj Foundation is the only organization in the state that is leading the nation by providing life skills training to young women who are unable to complete their education for some reason.

Home is the heart of families! It's about taking care of the heart, taking care of the family's physical and mental health. Thus, Saheli is a " Home Governess " who takes care of the family, cares for the home and the elderly, and helps those in need.

“The need for a sincere "Home governess" who serves the family as a whole has grown.The main purpose of the Saheli project is to create such a well-trained "Home governess" and get her work done in a professional manner.”

Procedure & Selection Process

Procedure & Selection Process
Procedure, Terms & Conditions:
  • Every Saturday, girls can talk to their parents or the organization
  • The use of personal mobile is prohibited.
  • Parents visit once in a month.
  • All rules of the hostel to be obeyed.
Selection Process:
  • Age limit: - 18 to 35
  • Education Qualification :- At least 7thStd reading & writing must.
  • Girls who are economically backward.
  • Girls who couldn't get enough education for some reason.

Initiation and details of training

Initiation and Details of Training

  • The Saheli project started on June 1st.
  • Training will start every year in January and July.
  • Practice training with the demonstration will end in June as well as December.

Training Benefits and Job Opportunities

Training Benefits and Job Opportunities

  • After this training, skilled and capable Saheli will become self-reliant.
  • Saheli who successfully complete their training will have the opportunity to work as trained "Home governess" in the future.
  • The trained Sahelis will have the opportunity to work as a decent and cultured "Home governess" all over India.
  • "Home governess" being a trained Professionally. Her work will receive dignity and respect in the society.

Phases Of Training

Syllabus 1

diagram 1

Syllabus 2

diagram 2

Syllabus 3

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