The environment is open environment where children choose their own materials and work with it.

Child centric learning- focus on children picking and working with materials on their own.

A practical and enjoyable way of learning which has a scientific base, and offers holistic development of child. Ensures a firm foundation for the child for future development.

Lays the basis for inculcating self discipline and independence in the child.

Mix age group to foster and ensures development of the child.

Mrs.Nikhat Patel.
Abhyaas Head


Our curriculum is a comprehensive child-centric that comes with set of objectives in all major areas of overall development of the child. It is related to the child's development readiness, interests, questions, style of learning and the cultural context in which the child finds himself. Strong Montessori based philosophy & method also incorporating best practices from other early childhood philosophies. We designed the curriculum for learning with Materials and Tools. We teach beyond the classroom and integration between curriculum, Material, Activities & Assessment.

We think parents too enjoyed this child learning experience as much as routing learning. It’s amazing to identify child capabilities, strength and involvement. Child learn beyond routine song & dance, nursery rhymes and simple playing with toys. With the help of Activity based curriculum and revolutionary assessment technique child can learn easily.

Mrs.Prachi Pingle
NKVS, Abhyaas Montessori, Pune


Our School Curriculum has been developed taking the best practices from several early childhood practices, especially from the Montessori Method and multiple intelligences theory.

A practical and enjoyable way of learning which has a scientific base, and ensures that all areas of child development are covered.

Curriculum, materials, teacher training and assessment are all tightly integrated and go hand in hand in ensuring that there is no disconnect between what the objectives are and how to meet them.

Understands the importance of early childhood education and the preschool years in the overall development of the child.

NKVS, Abhyaas Montessori, Kalanagar