A. Every Student Must :

  • Come to school in neat, clean and proper uniform with shoes well polished.
  • Be regular in attendance.
  • Be punctual.
  • Attend assembly without fail.
  • Honest at work and always be considerate towards right of others.
  • Be courteous and respectful towards parents , teachers and visitors
  • Look after and protect the property of school. Keep it clean and tidy.
  • Keep the classrooms neat and throw wastes papers/wrappers etc. in waste paper basket.
  • Reach the classroom as soon as warning bell goes or recess is over.
  • Have a sportsmen spirit at all time, be fair.

B. Student must not :

  • Bring articles of value such as rings or other pieces of jewel to the school. The school will not be held responsible for the loss of such articles.
  • Lend or borrow money or other articles.
  • Shout or make noise in the school building or create confusion in the auditorium or class room.
  • Leave cycles unlocked or ride in the school compound.
  • Bring electronic gadgets like the mobile phones, cameras, cutting instruments into the school. If brought they will be confiscated.
  • Burst crackers or splash colors during Diwali / Holi or any other occasion in the school premises or in the school buses.

C. Points to remember :

  • Never omit the lesson or home work assigned. It is like missing a train that you never catch afterwards.
  • Never postpone what you can do today.
  • Live well by doing everything well.
  • Get the progress Report signed by the parent/guardian within 3 days of its receipt. Forged signature, if detected will invite disciplinary action.
  • Obey class monitors, house captains and other Students on duty.
  • Students behavior in and outside the school shall be exemplary. Any deviation can lead to consideration for suspension.