Special Features

  • Affordable fee structure.
  • Technology-enabled smart class rooms for multi-sensory learning experience.
  • A dedicated & experienced team of Teachers.
  • Well furnished, spacious Digital Class Rooms with uninterrupted power supply , School bus facility.
  • Life lessons from unique life lab.
  • State of the art science laboratories with quality equipment meet the needs of both Maharashtra State and CBSE streams for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • Cognitive development through regular workshops and training. Ample opportunities for extra-curricular, sports, games and cultural activities.
  • Personality Development classes trains the students of IX std on 21st Century skills.
  • Special classes for many Competitive Exams like NTSE, National Science Olympiad, Cyber Olympiad, Abacus and Vedic Mathematics


  • Scheduled time table is followed. i.e from 5.30 am – 10 pm.
  • Primary responsibilities regarding students’ punctuality, discipline, hygiene, physical fitness, safety, academics and overall personality development is fulfilled by rectors.
  • All rectors keep a note of all day to day activities in the school and also on any exceptions/ issues.
  • Periodic reports of the students are maintained and shared with parents.
  • Ensure that all hostel dues are collected as per schedule for their respective houses.
  • Ensure that all hostel departments like mess, laundry etc cater to students’ needs and resolve any issues thereby.
  • Any issues or problems faced by the students affecting their comfortable stay are resolved.


  • Wholesome fresh pure vegetarian meals based on dietary recommendations are served to students.
  • A healthy mix of fruits, grains, pulses and dairy products maintained.
  • Definite schedule for all meals.
  • A check is maintained to ensure minimal wastage of food.
  • Basic table manners are inculcated in every student.


  • Takes care of all requirements of the students like toiletries, stationery etc.
  • Proper checks and controls adopted for disbursement of the same.
  • A check on needless requirement request kept by each rector.


  • A well equipped medical room stocked with basic medication maintained.
  • A visiting doctor twice from Monday – Saturday.
  • Medical cards with basic records maintained for each student.
  • Medical checkup for all students done once a year.
  • Student hygiene monitored by respective house masters.


  • Utmost cleanliness of all dorms, mess, lobbies, rector rooms, offices etc is maintained.
  • The surrounding premises are kept clean and green.
  • Also takes care of basic maintenance of the premises and water supply.

Laundry & Salon

  • Complete laundry services provided to all students.
  • Periodic haircutting done for all students.