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Our Vision

Suraj Foundation will endeavour for value based academic excellence, physical well-being and skill development of every student.

Our Mission

Enhancement in learning environment will be achieved by continuous improvement in teaching pedagogy through staff training, student, teacher and parental involvement, maintaining physical wellbeing through sports, extra-curricular activities, multi skilling and bringing in opportunities for them to learn and face global challenges.

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Who Are We

Suraj Foundation was established in 2001 to provide quality education in sports and academics in Sangli District and is right now serving them in Kolhapur Maharashtra in an efficient way as a charitable institution registered under Trust act, 1882 in India.

The focus that is followed in Suraj Foundation is providing education, enhancing employability & fostering entrepreneurship.

Suraj Foundation predominantly works with students, their parents and teachers that focuses on providing quality education, enhancing the skills of Youth and Women from marginalized areas and emphasizes on improving their language proficiency, life skills and sports and all round development. Our mission is - ‘ Education Beyond Text book’ - that drives us to make a meaningful impact on the lives of students and that will create a new, healthy, skilful India in the coming age. Suraj Foundation is a team of 150 passionate individuals that works in Sangli to create excellent results in school students.

What are we offering

We assure the society to develop disciplined and value driven generations of citizens through this program. Suraj Foundation works in collaboration with parents, teachers and all the stakeholders around the industrial area of Kupwad area, Sangli (MH), India to improve the learning and employability of their students. Our program aims at creating a skillful youth who will be ready to face the 21st century challenges. We are confident enough that the approach of the foundation will pave the way to enable students to be healthier and employable in future.

Why We Do It

Suraj foundation actively engaged with community services, there are so many programmes . Recently we came with a new concept “Abhyaas” It is totally activity based education for age group 3 to 6 years. We have such pre-school At Kupwad, Kalanagar,Uttur (Kolhapur). We are planning to set up such abhyaas centers in nearby villages to develop the foundation and educational skills of children of age group 3 to 6 years.