We are in education since 1993 & over the period we have produced many intellectuals & it is a huge contribution by us to our country.We can see lots of doctors of repute in hospitals. Dr.Sachi Lokur , who stood 1st in All India selection in Masters in Medicine to name one.We have lots of engineers in the mega projects all over the world like Sharvil Patil Maharashtra Board topper in XII & got direct admission in BITS Pilani , construction companies . Shushant Khade running his top notch construction Company, highly renowned educational institute. Shrenik Ghodawat head of Sanjay Ghodawat Educational Hub,in financial services.Rakhi Bhafna has the distinction of being youngest CA in the country. Agriculture support sector Rajesh & Tejas Dandekar in running Rexpoly Industries Ltd. High tech space industry,Harshad Lalan a team leader in NASA. Not only academics wise we are a leading institute in sports too. Sayyad Toufic & Rajendra Pawar played foot ball for India in China under 17,Sunita Patil played Judo individual in Masco, Abhishek Gawde played fencing for India in switzerland the list is unending all have had their education in this educational Institute which boasts of 100% results in SSC & HSC for more than 20 years continually till now.We teach students of this school beyond text books covering skills like electrical,mechanical,agricultural & home science in addition to their usual board curriculum

Skilling Endeavours:

We are one of top 5 training Institutes as listed by Ministry of Agriculture(MANAGE) in skilling Agri graduates & Diploma holders in management for them to initiate a small business & through which provide extension to marginal farmers.More than xxxxxxx participants have been trained & xxxxxx of them have started their business,employing around 18000 people in addition thousands of farmers getting benefits of their knowledge. Skill training is introduced in the school from VIII std.& efforts are being put now to roll down this training upto VI per new education policy to be introduced by 2024.

Under our ICT program

the students from school get computer operation knowledge which makes them at par with any privately run school students,in addition acquiring confidence to face the world.Under our SEAL program run jointly with Sujaya Foundation Mumbai enables students speak fluent English making them capable to compete with urban students.

Under our SAI Extension program

every year 20 rural athletes are being trained in athletics,fencing,swimming,many of them participated in national events.

Teli Medicine & rural medi care program

ensures hundreds of villagers get medical care & generic medicines.Our joint efforts with Nab Hospital in eye care has provided hundreds of men & women getting their eye sight.

Women empowerment

program has impacted many SHG formations,their lively hood by trainings & placement of under privileged women earning their lively hood.Girl students are encouraged to pursue education & has conducted extensive awareness programs to save girl child.SAHAILI is one such program recently launched by the Foundation.

Knowledge centre program

run jointly with Nasscom Foundation has provided required information to farmers,students,youth,SHG members of the area.Presently the program is being conducted through our own network.