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Education changes lives. Join your hands and heart with Suraj Foundation for a brighter future of (less fortunate children & youth) through our endeavors. It takes a step ahead to give back your love to the youngsters by supporting them.

Donate to Suraj Foundation to fulfil society’s demand for a good,cultured citizen

The Suraj Foundation team has already planned following programs for children & youth and is implementing them on a pilot scale.Looking at positive results,now the TEAM wants to place these programs before you for scaling them up.

Take care of child's contingencies of health till he/she attains an age of 18 years by insuring him/her for Rs 1.0 lac annually for medical treatment against any eventualities anywhere in India.These children come from a vulnerable background and are less fortunate but are bright & determined to peruse their education.Further more they are also insured for continuation of their education by insuring their parent (one who sponsor their education) & in the event of sad demise of the parent the children will get Rs.2.0 lac to complete their education.More & above in such events Suraj Foundation too makes them soft fee payers.We do believe & have experienced this arrangement has made the student care free to concentrate themselves on their studies & other activities.

Please help us support child’s health insurance that helps him to create a better academic future.

Rs. 350/- per student per year. .

Our entire staff,teaching & non teaching very sincere and highly qualified have made a niche for themselves during the recent covid pandemic by keeping students in touch with their studies adopting innovative methods & systems.Though they are paid good salaries the whopping medical expenses always bother them like any other mortal.To make them free from their worries,we have designed an insurance policy for them to take care for their medical expenses and same is being implicated on pilot basis which has given very good result.We do believe & have experienced this arrangement has made our staff who are passionate to create a meaningful impact through dedicated efforts beyond their own potential. Please help us support the staff insurance that helps them to design & produce a good & cultured citizens

Rs. 7500/- per staff member a year

Many parents approach us with their difficulties to educate their wards,education cost being very high.It is not only the fees but books,dress,transport etc.which will make the education prohibitive.As an educational institute we do subsidies the fees & books.We also introduced complete freeship for some students but demand is more.We also need to fund for annual fees for child's skill enhancement courses. We do believe & have experienced this arrangement has made the beneficiary students who are passionate,creative & are talented can fare enough with more dedication to build a bright future.

We appeal to people with a generous heart to pay the annual fees of children who are talented and deserve an opportunity to build a bright future ahead. Most of the students come from economically challenging and vulnerable backgrounds and in order to nurture the talent, suraj foundation appeals to donors to patronize the annual fees and course charges and secure his/her future. Please help us support the students freeship program for their better academic future.

Rs.35000/- per student per year.

We have many skill building programs & all these programs are so meticulously designed for the trainees to acquire employability skill.SAHAILI is one such program which is most fascinating enough & giving a amazing result.This program involves training destitute girls & ladies in home governesses duties.The employed couples,some time with their aged parents toiled hard to maintain the house in the absence of a good trained governess.To fulfil this demand of society,Suraj Foundation has designed this unique program to train these incumbents in house keeping,nursing the olds,providing assistance to home lady,driving skill to take care of home errands,home decorating etc spanning for six months & with three months hands on training.The program is already running & the trained candidates are doing well in service.Suraj Foundation believes in unlocking the full potential of these women from the rural areas and training them under Project Saheli with necessary skills to become ‘Home Governess’ that will support the families.Girls & ladies enrolled in the Saheli program often come from poor families with meagre financial backgrounds and are deprived of education due to adverse circumstances.Now to scale up this we come to your help. Please help us support these destitute girls & women to acquire employability skills.

Rs.65000/- per lady member towards training cost ( Residential)

Philanthropic work being undertaken by Suraj foundation.

  • Blind school
  • Medical aid for aged people
  • Swachata abhiyan
  • Sports promotion
  • Free food for in hospital patients
  • Cataract operations.
  • Free goggles for cataract operated persons.
  • Free books & stationary to students
  • Free food supplements to athletes.
  • Miyawaki forestry.